Many people ask “how do I care for my concrete?” Here are some easy tips to keep your stamped concrete looking good for years and nearly maintenance free.

#1. The most important thing to do for your concrete is to make sure it is sealed. Sealing helps protect your concrete from fading do to UV or sun light, staining, and the texture holding up. Concrete should be sealed when the install is complete, one year later and then every two years there after. High traffic areas may require sealing more often than areas not used much. The easy way to tell if you need to have your concrete sealed is, if water doesn't bead up on the surface it is time for sealing and there is no sealer left.

#2. Cracking is a problem that is not 100% avoidable. As the ground moves the concrete needs to move with it. However if your concrete begins to crack it can be stopped, controlled or minimized. It is important that if you have cracking that you contact your concrete contractor as soon as you notice it to see if there is away to stop the cracking or minimize it. Unattended cracking can destroy your concrete.

#3. Keeping your concrete clean is a very simple task. Cleaning your concrete is as simple as spraying off with a garden hose or using a leaf blower to clear off leaves, grass clippings or other light debris.

#4. It is important to try not to drag items across your concrete. Dragging things on the concrete can scratch, or chip concrete causing damage that is irreversible. Most patio furniture and tables have plastic protectors on the bottom and wood furniture is always fine. 

#5: It is important to use “Concrete Safe” products on your concrete in the winter months. You never want to use salt on concrete. Salt will pit and eat the face of concrete do to its high acid base. Most ice and snow melts will say right on them whether or not it is concrete safe. Please read product labels before applying anything to your walks and patios.